A vacuum sealing machine can save you money and help you extend the life of your food if you put it into good use. Vacuum packaging has over the years become popular among homeowners. While there are different vacuum sealers from being sold on the market which vary in sophistication and price, most new buyers are not aware of how to use them effectively. Here are some helpful tips on vacuum sealing food.

Pre-freeze foods like meat, fruits, vegetables before vacuum packaging and sealing them. For saucy items like pasta and sauces, you will want to pre-freeze them in plastic containers. Once you have your food frozen, you can now store them in suitable vacuum sealing bags, containers or jars and seal them. Know when to freeze cooked or uncooked foods. For foods that you want to store for later use, you may want to assemble and seal without having to cook. On the other hand, sealing cooked foods that you can quickly heat like soups and sauces can save you time.

When you seal foods to store in the freezer or refrigerator, make sure that you clearly label them. This is important if you have lots of sealed foods. Keep your freezer and refrigerator organized to avoid any confusion on what foods you vacuum packaged, when and what you sealed. You may have a good memory but a few months down the line you may easily forget what you made inside that container or jar. Include the name of the food and date sealed in the package.  If you want to read more about vacuum sealing, you can go to

Buy the right vacuum sealing bags for your vacuum sealer machine. While you will find numerous and cheap bags being sold online, you should be careful about quality. It's highly recommended that you buy vacuum sealing bags that are designed for your machine. Most manufacturers sell these bags together with their vacuum machines. They come in different sizes and thickness. Bags are easy to use and very effective in keeping air and moisture out so as to get a tight seal.

Portion your foods properly before vacuum sealing. It's wise to freeze a meal's worth per vacuum sealing bag. For instance, if you are buying beef, go for three-pound ground beef package which you then cut up into smaller portions that you can freeze accordingly and vacuum seal for planned use. Remember not to overfill the bags. Leave at least some clear space at the top to allow proper sealing. Vacuum sealing food offers you a lot of flexibility when you want to store foods for longer periods. Click here for more information.